SEOlumiere to Entrepreneur

SEOlumiere to Entrepreneur
Being an Entrepreneur is challenging but so much fun!


Entrepreneur… Do you want to be an Entrepreneur? Have you always dreamed of becoming an Entrepreneur? Do you come from a family of Entrepreneurs?

If you have landed on this site, chances are you are interested in becoming an Entrepreneur.

What does it look like to be an Entrepreneur?

Well, according to my experience, it’s the best feeling and the hardest thing I have ever done… Why?

Well, because there is nothing guaranteed. You don’t have a ‘paycheck’ anymore, which in some cases can cause in some of us, a bit of anxiety.

But, it’s also the most money I have ever made, because you don’t have a set salary. So, that’s amazing. You don’t have the glass ceiling of the Corporate world but you also don’t have, what most perceive as ‘safety’ of the Corporate world either.

What are the characteristics of an Entrepreneur?

  • An Entrepreneuris a leader. A Trail blazer. Someone – male or female that is not afraid of the unknown. And if they are afraid, they do it anyway.
  • An Entrepreneurthinks differently than employees. He/she is creative. They come up with new ways of doing things. They are often the people that ‘bosses’ in the Corporate world hold back, because the ‘bosses’ are afraid that you are going to get their job!
  • An Entrepreneuris determined and very persistent. They will work until they get the result they desire, adjusting their strategies along the way. But they won’t ever quit. For quitting is not an option!
  • An Entrepreneur is someone that is organized. Organizational skills are very important when you are your own boss because you will have to allocate your time to what is important – and that includes time for yourself, your family and your social life- very diligently.
  • An Entrepreneur is flexible. Your day is planned out, you know what you need to accomplish today, but if things don’t go the way you planned it, you will be flexible enough to go with the flow and not get your feathers all ruffled up. There is no need for that!
  • An Entrepreneur is someone that is positive and optimistic. You cannot build a strong business if you are negative. Period.
  • An Entrepreneur is a very hard worker. You will most likely have to work a lot harder for yourself than you have ever worked for an employer and at the beginning, you will get pennies on the dollar for the time that you put it. Expect that and do it anyway. Because soon, the tide will change and you will put less time for a lot more money.
  • Entrepreneurs: Have your vision. Hold on to it tight. Build your business plan. Set a plan of actions. Execute your plan of actions. It does not have to be perfect. Because an imperfect plan of actions executed is way better than a perfect one that you do nothing with.
  • Have the courage to pursue your dreams, even if no one around you believe in what you are doing. Your entourage does not have to have your vision for you to go for your dreams. Once you start making things happen, they will believe. But for now, you might have to be the only one that believes… and that’s OK.

Lastly, create your vision and build your business on integrity. This is imperative. Follow your gut. If something does not feel right, if you get an offer for a great deal but somehow, it does not feel right to you, don’t do it! Your gut is there to guide you in the right direction. If it does not feel right, it’s your intuition telling you not to go there… even if it means a lot of money. By following your gut, you will get to that same money but in a way that will feel good and that will make you proud.

Go for it. Make your dreams a reality. You can be, do and have anything you dream!

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