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Looking for work? Odds are you can find one at the Las Vegas South Outlets.

So, you live in Las Vegas and are searching for a great job option! You have been very actively looking but it seems that all you find are jobs available at one of the many Las Vegas Companies which specialize in the gambling or hotel industry. This is a problem as you simply do not want to work for any Las Vegas Companies in these industries. For many this is a very daunting challenge as the gambling and hotel industry dominate the employment landscape of Companies Las Vegas offers.

Luckily there are alternatives. The Retail industry is alive and thriving in the greater Las Vegas area. The number of Companies Las Vegas (3) has in the retail industry has risen each of the last ten years. This translates into retail jobs multiplying and growing exponentially over the past ten years. If that sounds too good to be true, then just run a search engine query for Las Vegas Companies jobs and see how many of the top companies advertising jobs are from the retail sector. I know that you will find plentiful jobs available in the retail sector as I ran the same query in preparation for the drafting of this article. I was somewhat shocked to see that the number of retail jobs available rival that of the more prominent Las Vegas industries such as Hotel and Gambling.

Of the many retail sector positions that my search engine query identified I was very surprised to see just how many of the retail jobs available in Las Vegas were from outlet stores. One outlet store in particular had several permanent and seasonal positions available.  That was the Las Vegas South Outlets. The vast preponderance of the positions that were advertised by the Las Vegas South Outlets (1) were hourly positions such as cashiers, loss prevention, inventory stockers, customer service, sales associates and housekeeping. However, there were ample opportunities for those in management looking for more senior level roles such as store manager, assistant store managers, sales supervisors, customer service supervisors and loss prevention managers. This really demonstrates that the retail sector does produce and make available many high paying stable management positions as well as providing hourly positions.

The Las Vegas South Outlets had the most management level positions advertised than any other retail sector company. Also, one of the benefits of taking a position in the retail sector is that there any many scheduling options in terms of providing flexible working hours which may benefit you if you are attending school pursuing an advanced degree or if you are a parent and must work around an ever changing school and activity schedule for your children.

Also, if you are simply in need of extra cash during the holidays or even during the high seasonal periods which bring visiting tourists flocking to Las Vegas with their pockets full of money eager to gamble and to shop you are also in luck. The Las Vegas South Outlets (2) and many other of the Las Vegas Companies in the retail sector ramp up their hiring to accommodate and service the growing traffic that they see during these high season periods. Many of the Companies Las Vegas has in the retail sector can make over from 70-80% of their annual sales during these high season periods.

So, make certain to consider a career in the retail sector. It can provide both stable and seasonal employment options.


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